My first exhibit at the RHS Botanical Art show in London, and thrilled to be awarded a Silver Gilt medal! Rewarded for all those many hours painting, missing the wonderful spring sunshine. I had two 2m panels and set up the six paintings on Wednesday 9 April – what a way to spend a birthday! – then the preview Thursday evening and open to the public Friday and Saturday. We found out the results of the judging on Friday morning when we had a critique from the judges which was very helpful, although I’d pretty much figured out the weak areas of my work so no surprises there.

RHS April 2014 CFK Panel 1 RHS April 2014 CFK Panel 2

Amazingly, I sold three of the paintings.

RHS Silver Gilt sm1

Silver Gilt at RHS Botanical Art Show April 2014

The weekend wasn’t without its drama – after having had a lingering dinner on Saturday, I was so exhausted I left my portfolio in the back of a London cab! That sense of utter desolation and bewilderment as midnight approached and all that work was gone. It was surreal. And the sense of elation when the cabbie found the business card I’d put inside and phoned me – I think I declared undying love! An hour later, reunited, we caught the last-but-one train home and collapsed into bed around 2am.

I had an amazing time and made many friends – just got to figure out what I’m going to do for 2015…