I find it so hard to believe that the last time I posted anything here was shortly after I returned from China – almost a year ago!

It would be facile of me to surmise that I’ve been “living” more, and have had less time to reflect or put my thoughts and experiences into words. There have been written words, but they haven’t been here. There has been a lot of “living” but a great deal of this I have chosen to keep more closely to myself.

And now, coming back to my blog, I realise that I have really missed sharing those experience that have meant so much to me, with others. So I will try to be more conscientious about my postings.

I’ve already updated my Illustrations page, so you’ll see more of my Chinese botanical illustrations there. And I’m planning on a whole new website where my artworks can be better displayed – but please be patient as that’ll take a few months.

In the meantime, I’m exhibiting five paintings with the Bath Society of Botanical Artists’ “Plants in the Park” Exhibition at BRLSI in Bath from 10 June – 4 Aug, which commemorates 125 years of the Bath Botanical Gardens. Just as soon as I have scans back of the paintings I’ll be submitting, I’ll post them here. But do check out the BSBA link: http://www.bsba.co.uk/exhib.htm

How did I forget to mention that four of my larger floral botanical paintings are currently in an exhibition in Central, Hong Kong? Sadly I couldn’t make the preview – bit of a long way to go for an evening’s schmoozing…

But they sent me a photo, so this’ll give you an idea of the kind of work I was developing with them.

Hong Kong Exhibition paintings Spring 2012

They are floated over glorious gold reflective backgrounds, with tight, white frames – very difficult to photograph…

I also recently had a large graphite drawing installed in a prestigious hotel in Guangzhou, China – here’s how it displayed in the room:

Artwork in Hotel in Guangzhou

My next major venture is an exhibition of my Chinese botanical illustrations in Bath in 2013. Lots of work there then…