Hot and humid…

The lights from Helen’s apartment seem suspended between the hills – a fairy land of high-rise.

Fo Tan at night

This time, I’m spending most of my time on a graphite drawing of Bauhinia for a potential project, so am seeing little of Hong Kong itself. The flowers are coming to the end of their seasons – and the trees are rather tall – but I’m able to grab a few shots.

Bauhinia blakeana

Bauhinia blakeana is a cross between B variagata and B purpurea and is infertile, which means it doesn’t produce the long bean pods of the other two. It is the national flower of Hong Kong.

Bauhinia variagata

Now I’ve packed up all my stuff – leaving some of it at the studio until I return – and am off to Borneo for a few weeks.

Where it’ll be “hot and humid”. With mosquitoes and leeches in the jungle. Yum!