1 August 2010

I have been painting every day for the last two weeks and I feel I’m developing “cabin fever”. There’s a Torch Festival coming up in a few days, and I think we’re heading up to a Yi village for the festivities which will be a good break.

There’s a lot of pressure at the moment to keep painting as we’re reaching the end of the flowering season for some of the important medicinal plants here – and if I miss that…

So my room has become a small jungle with plants in varying stages of growth or decomposition.

We collected a nice specimen of Anemone rivularis the other day, but I know from a previous specimen that it suddenly wilts and then takes several days to recompose itself. I can’t start drawing until it regains its natural form; meanwhile, the petals are shrivelling.

Anyone who thinks “painting flowers” is a relaxing pastime…

I’ve been remiss about uploading photos, so here is a small selection until I can get back on track with more regular updates.

At one of the oldest Buddhist Temples in Yunnan

A meadow of Primulas

Plant collecting with Matthias

Bai Buddhist festival

Yi minority elder