Pale blue light lingering in the sky at 10.30 – longest day of the year.

I’m saddened that I have allowed yet another Summer Solstice slip by. Coming home from playing Bar Billiards at The Bell, I turned my car lights off , opened the windows, listened to Jazz on Radio 2 and inhaled the sweet smell of fresh cow dung as I drove down the country lanes to home. I love England. I really can’t imagine what it will be like in China.

But I know I’ll miss this countryside: watching the deer browse from my upstairs window, picking up the warm russet hue of hares hunkered down in the stubble, buzzards wheeling – and bonking! I had my binoculars homed in on a buzzard on a fence post when the boy just  landed and had his way. Amazing.

But right now I need to think about my travel plans and what’ s going into storage. Each day I try to sort through another part of my life and discard the bits are holding me back. The clutter. And wonder what exactly is important. When friends in Australia lost their house and all their possessions in the wild fires earlier this year you realise that it’s people that are important. And relationships. And helping other people, if you can, to have a better life.  Especially when you are privilged enough to be able to choose how to live your life and it hasn’t been dictated by poverty or politics.

So now I’m wondering why on earth I’m putting anything in storage at all. Most of it is just “stuff”. Freecycle will provide when I need it. There’s a great sense of freedom in recognising that.